Body Weight Loss

It seems like everyone wants to shed a few pounds here and there. Many are doing this in order to have a leaner frame, but most others just want to improve their health. But with all the advices and recommendations floating about concerning diet restrictions and exercise tips, some of us need a bit more help when it comes to body weight loss. Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind if you want to shed some unwanted poundage in a hurry.

1. Take 10,000 steps a day. It comes with no great surprise that many of use find lots of excuses not to exercise. But that does not mean that our body weight loss program should go out the window as well. The simple act of walking can burn off calories too. Physical trainers say that about 10,000 steps a day should burn off around 750 to 1,000 calories easily. If you cannot find time to exercise, then you should incorporate more walking in your current lifestyle.

For example: instead of taking the elevator, you might want to climb the stairs as a form of exercise. Instead of sitting in your chair the whole day, you might want to try pacing around your office every time you brainstorm, or have a desire to raid the vending machines. Instead of parking yourself in front of the TV after dinner, a nice evening stroll might be a healthier alternative. Every little bit of exercise helps when it comes to body weight loss.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast everyday. Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. Many dieticians and nutritionists say that eating right in the morning can help your body weight loss program greatly. First of all, a healthy breakfast stabilizes the glucose level in your bloodstream. This lessens the possibility of you munching on every bit of sugary or salty food item that comes your way before lunch time comes rolling in.

Secondly, the calories you consume for breakfast can be burned off through your usual activities. This speeds up your metabolism, while providing your internal organs the glucose boost they need to function properly. And lastly, eating breakfast regularly can also encourage natural and regular bowel movement, which is another plus in your (or any) body weight loss program.

3. Find better substitutes to frying. Oil can be detrimental to your weight loss program, and consuming large volumes of this liquid not only encourages the development of more fat cells (in the form of adipose tissues) but it also slows down your metabolism as well. If possible, try to avoid all kinds of fried food items; but we all know that that could be close to impossible too.

A healthier alternative to this is to find other ways of cooking besides frying. Grilling, broiling, steaming, baking and microwaving your food can cut out the fats about 50% to 100% at a time. Or, if you really want to fry something, you might want to invest in some heavy duty non-stick frying pans that would allow you to cook the food you want, without the need to add more oil.