Ephedra Weight Loss

Weight loss has evolved through the years, from simple exercise and diet tips to cosmetic surgery and dietary pills. It goes to show that people are willing to do or go through almost anything to shed off pounds and look good. But there are also a lot of unsafe weight loss products and unhealthy dietary plans that bring about not just weight loss but also harmful side effects such as the collapse of muscle mass, weakness, nausea, anorexia nervosa, and many more.

For those who want instant weight loss, but do not have enough time and energy to exercise or go through a long dietary plan, they take weight loss pills. These are pharmacological agents that either reduce weight or control it. It’s often recommended for the obese or the over weight. But due to vanity and weight consciousness, the demand for these pills has risen because even those who are only a bit chubby want to take it for immediate results.

One of the dietary pills that is gaining popularity today is the Ephedra weight loss pills. If coupled with a little exercise and a healthy diet, it’s proven to be effective in reducing weight and keeping it off. Ephedra is a Chinese botanical herb, also known as ma-huang, which is a natural source of the alkaloids ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, both used in dietary supplements that are bound to help reduce weight and enhance athletic activity and performance. The use of Ephedra weight loss pills promotes a diffident but statistically evident increase in weight loss over a short period of time usually 6 months or less.

Taking Ephedra weight loss pills will reduce a relative amount of 20 to 40 pounds in just weeks. These pills work even among non exercising individuals. Studies show that by taking 20 mg of ephedrine coupled with 200mg of caffeine and 325 mg of aspirin three times a day you can lose a total of 10 pounds in only 6 weeks even without working out or doing anything physical at all. This is referred to as the ECA stack (Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin). It’s known as an effective weight loss blend.

Ephedra weight loss pills work via the interaction of neurotransmitter receptors and the alkaloids found in the ephedra; when this happens the central nervous system is stimulated and the blood pressure and heart rate are raised, thereby also increasing the metabolic rate which then leads to the actual weight loss. Those who have used such pills claim that it’s natural way of burning fat and reducing one’s appetite without damaging the muscles like other very strong pills. Ephedra weight loss products are even used for body building and for increasing energy.

In some states in the US, Ephedra has been banned due to rare cases of massive cardiac arrest. Other side effects could include general weakness, nervousness, hypertension and sleeping difficulties, which is why it’s recommended to take less than the recommended dosage at first. This is to allow your body to adapt to the medication and not react abruptly to it.

There are several Ephedra weight loss pills in the market such as the Green Stinger Ephedra, The Diablos ECA fire, Lean and Hot Ephedra and many more. It’s a natural way of losing weight fast.