Extreme Weight Loss

Extreme weight loss only comes with a combination of these three essential tools: diet, exercise and enough rest. Studies have shown that drastic changes happen when you start changing your way of living. By this, they mean that you need to carefully choose what you eat, exercise more without neglecting to rest your body to rejuvenate your strength for the activities of the next day.

Here are some explanations on how these three can greatly affect extreme weight loss:


This does not mean you only have to eat a pack of unsalted crackers per day. This means you need to carefully plan what you put inside your mouth. Diet is all about proper food combination for extreme weight loss and not an excuse to be anorexic. If you would put a little of the essential food elements into your meal plan everyday, you will find out that your body will respond happily to the changes. If you were to choose between whole wheat and white bread, you should prefer the whole wheat selection because there’s more fiber in it.

If you are tempted to eat some cake for desert, try a combination of fruits with maple syrup instead and get those vitamins and minerals which your body needs without the saturated fat and simple carbs that don’t burn as easily. It’s all about choices, and if you make the right once, then you’re well on your way to a healthier and slimmer new you.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need expensive gym memberships to help you through extreme weight loss. You can most definitely workout in your own living room and see the results in a matter of weeks. But what type of exercises do you need to perform in order to see the fruits of your labor? Well, for one you need to perform cardiovascular exercises. You can choose to run around the neighbourhood or maybe dance to your favourite music; if you play sports, go ahead and do so.

All of these serve as your primer to the main event of your workout routine which is actually strength training. If you are not working out in a gym and don’t have those fancy equipments, you can always use improvised weights to help build those muscles or even use your own body weight. Of course don’t forget to stretch and cool down every after work out to release some of the tension in your nerves and muscles.

3.Enough rest

It might come as a surprise to you but the way to achieve extreme weight loss is to have enough rest after a good workout. This means your body needs rest days in between workouts as well as enough sleep within the normal sleeping hours. You need to schedule your rest days after a workout day to get the maximum result of your weight loss program. Also, you need to get some sleep to keep your body rejuvenated at all times. If you don’t take enough rest, then you run the risk of injuring yourself.