Fasting Weight Loss

There are many weight loss programs available for people who want to lose weight. One of these programs is the fasting weight loss where people lose weight by abstaining from eating food for a specified time period. If you are considering this program, here are some important facts to determine if the program is right for you.

Fasting periodically is considered to be good for one’s health. It helps eliminate toxic wastes from the body and provides the digestive system the rest that it needs. Toxic wastes contribute to unnecessary weight and in some instances may cause bloating especially in the stomach area. Weight watchers will have a healthy option in fasting weight loss.

But before one embarks on fasting to lose weight, one needs to be prepared. First, one needs to condition both his mind and his body for the process. Remember that in fasting to lose weight, one is to abstain from eating food the whole day. One needs to be able to overcome his urge to eat, and his body should be able to tolerate the absence of food.

In fasting weight loss, one doesn’t only abstain from eating food. One needs to be able to do light exercises. It is prudent to consult one’s health practitioner before embarking on this method of weight loss to determine if one’s body is suitable. This is crucial as not all individuals are suited for fasting as a means to lose weight.

There are several fasting variations. Traditional fasting means complete abstinence from food and water. There is also the water fasting weight loss where one abstains from eating food for a time period but drinks water to sustain the body. Water is found to be an effective detoxifying and cleansing agent that is safe, natural, and generally free.

There is also the so called intermittent fasting where one abstains from eating food on a 24 hour basis about two days a week alternately. To a certain extent, this fasting will help detoxify the body but it is more for the reduction of calorie intake. This process is deemed to be beneficial for individuals who want to lose weight and has the ability to maintain a healthy eating habit.

When fasting to lose weight, it is important to look at the process with the right mindset. One can’t expect fasting to bring about drastic weight loss. It is a gradual process that brings about a more lasting result when done correctly. One also has to learn how to listen to the signals of your body system when fasting. The least that an individual wants is to compromise good health for weight loss.

To be most effective, fasting weight loss should be done in combination with eating the right diet and exercising regularly. Weight loss is achievable and will have a more permanent result when one eats a nutritious diet, stick to his regular exercise, and fasts once to twice a month. This way, one achieves his desired weight loss while encouraging the body to become healthy and fit.