Instant Weight Loss

With the fast paced type life we live nowadays, it is no longer surprising for us to expect things in a rush basis. We cook food fresh from the microwave; we buy in eBay when we feel too lazy to look for gifts to friends, and we use the remote control just to stay curled in the couch when we want to change channels.

We at present are used in getting instant gratifications of things we want in just a short matter of time and the same fact also applies when it comes to losing weight. With the prolific number of diet fads and weight loss surgeries, most dieters expect to have instant weight loss without putting much effort on the deed. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that losing weight doesn’t happen overnight.

Though fad diets promise fast results in just a couple of days, the fact is that these results are short term and are very hard to maintain. It cannot be doubted that famous weight plans do their job but their downside is that people gain back weight and some extra pounds once they try to return to their normal eating ways.

Fortunately, there is a diet plan that promises fast effects and long-term results though it needs dedication from the dieter when it comes to following its meal plans. Instant weight loss through the use of low carb diet plans have been proven by scientific studies as one of the most effective with regards to the element of time. Though considered by some as a fad diet, this type of weight loss program has actually been around even before the innovative publishing of Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution during the year 1972.

Moreover, studies say that low carbohydrate and protein diets are not only advantageous for effective and instant weight loss but can also help in improving the cholesterol levels which low-fat and calorie diets do not offer. Low carbohydrate meal plans are considered efficient because instead of actual burning of body fat, this diet focuses on the loss of water weight of the body.

Losing some of the water bulk in the system is the one that causes the initial weight loss noticed in just a course of a week of two. Once the first weight loss stage is over, this diet will then eliminate some of the other dietary sources of energy afterwards.

Low carb diets are effective as instant weight loss options because carbohydrates are the primary energy source of the body. Once foods rich in this nutrient are eaten, they are instantly converted into glucose and goes directly into the blood stream to nourish cells for their functions. However, too much glucose is preserved and stored in the body as fat, thus leading to weight gain.

This weight loss plan, however, deprives the body with sufficient carbohydrates so that the system will be forced to find alternative sources of energy like the glycogen stored in the liver. In chemical terms, one molecule of glycogen is bound with four molecules of water. Thus, every time glycogen is used, the body flushes water with it leading to the instant weight loss effects.