Low Carb Weight Loss

Due to the popularity of numerous fad diets, the scientific community took it as their responsibility to conduct researches regarding the effectiveness and speed of these weight loss plans. Studies show that when it comes to elements like short period of time and long term effects, low carb weight loss diets are the most effective.

The reason why low carbohydrate meal plans have always been popular in the weight loss department is because initial weight loss is considered faster as compared to regular diets. People like to try this kind of plan because they get motivated whenever they notice a loss of 5-6 pounds even after just a week of dieting.

Moreover, rapid weight loss is easier to manage compared to slow burning of fats. Another advantage of this low carb weight loss programs is that it still provides sufficient energy for the red blood cells despite of shedding extra pounds. It also gives nutrition for growing fetuses so this is a safe diet plan for pregnant women.

Basically, low carb diets work by reducing the water weight and not the body fat. With the absence of enough carbohydrates in the diet, the body’s system automatically uses the reserved carbohydrates or glycogen mainly found in the liver and muscles. The glycogen reserves are then used to provide energy for muscular activities resulting for weight loss to happen at a fast rate. Low carb weight loss diets have some side effects, however, and one of this is experiencing fatigue.

Since carbohydrate is a very important nutrient used by the body for physical activities, people who are using this plan in long-term are easily exhausted and sometimes even lose the motivation in continuing other exercises needed to manage weight. Another disadvantage of a diet like this one is the problem with mental concentration. Since the primary fuel of the brain is carbohydrate, dieters also experience some difficulty when it comes to concentrating on things due to the insufficient supply of carbs in the body.

The brain can use fat in ketones form though, but the mental processes are less efficient if this kind of source is used as fuel. There are even some researches saying that there is a direct connection between mental performances and the presence of carbohydrates in the body.

There is no doubt that many people prefer having low carb weight loss meal plans due to its fast effects but it also poses some disadvantages as well. The good news is, there is another diet plan that gives the same effects of the low carb weight loss diets minus the disadvantages. This is called as the low-GI or glycemic index diet which is almost the same as low carbohydrate meals except that it focuses on the quality instead of the quantity of the carbohydrates consumed.

This type of diet involves consuming of moderate and low GI carbs which functions as the one of the primary building blocks of healthy eating. Some of the examples of food recommended in this meal plan are bread, particularly wholegrain and whole-wheat; oatbrans and oats; rice, especially long grain browns and basmatis, egg noodles, and beans like haricots, kidney, lima, and soybeans.