New Weight Loss

People have always been in search of new weight loss methods. The weight loss industry was actually built for this purpose, to satisfy the needs of people for easy, quick, cheap, painless, but reliable weight reduction.

There are two types of new weight loss methods: intentional and unintentional. You may think you like the latter, but that’s usually acquired with a price—a health problem. You cannot possibly last one day unless you’re marooned in an island with not even plants in it, because your body will always be signaling you to eat.

So you can only unintentionally lose weight if maybe you’ve got cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy (it is likely you cannot stand to eat because you’ll be nauseous from the treatment) or you have hyperthyroidism in which case your body will really be churning your fats fast because of increased metabolic rate due to the hormonal imbalance. There are other examples, of course, but they are just as unattractive. So no, you don’t want the unintentional type.

What you want is intentional weight loss, but with this one, well, you’ve heard it all—exercise, modify your diet, change your lifestyle, take supplements. Those are the basics. People are asking for new weight loss techniques, something that’s effective yet, if possible, quick and causing little pain. People have tried surgeries. Gastric bypass surgery is an operation that reduces the capacity of your stomach so you feel full easily.

Three to four spoonfuls of soup and a banana may just be enough to complete your dinner, and it’s not because that’s how you usually eat but rather it’s the only amount your stomach can physically take. Liposuction is not a new weight loss method but it has been glamorized by celebrities having tummy tucks and all other tucks that can be performed on your body.

Almost yearly a new diet comes out—Atkins, South Beach, and all other diets named either after its proponent or where it was discovered. The foundation of dieting, however, is simply modifying what you eat based on what your body simply needs.

So if you study a bit about nutrition and find out your body’s specific minimum daily requirements, you can make your own diet plan, meet your daily requirements, and stop consuming any more. Minimize sweets and fats, increase protein and take adequate carbohydrates for energy, and drink lots of water seems like the summary of it.

When it comes to exercise, sure you don’t want to go to the gym, because it can be tedious to stick to an activity which is so out of your character, and it can be expensive too. You can take yoga, Pilates, or kickboxing, or you can simply do something that’s close to your routine—wake up an hour earlier than usual and brisk-walk, bike or jog; take the stairs whenever possible; walk when doing errands; clean your house and yard more often; basically increase physical activity.

An approximate $50 billion is spent annually by the market to meet weight loss goals, especially in trying out new weight loss methods. Creams, instructional CDs, personal trainers in the gym, diets, surgeries—take your pick! Are you part of this market?

It seems rather extreme to obsess on reducing weight and losing those inches, and it is, so what you should do is be wise about it and don’t make it the top priority of your day. There are natural weight loss methods out there. In most cases, the basics are still the best.